Symptoms of Infertility in Men

Symptoms of infertility in men may not be so obvious. Most common symptoms are explained below. It is recommended not to consider presence or absence of any of these symptoms as affirmations of fertility health of an individual. The best thing to do, if any one is in doubt, is to get tested. Refer infertility test for more information.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormone imbalances can trigger following symptoms of infertility in men:

Changes in sex drive and sexual desire
Breast enlargement
Small testes
Hair loss
Loss of muscle tone
Oily skin or acne
Unnatural weight gain or weight loss
Anxiety and depression
Urinary problems
Gallbladder problems such as pain under ribs, indigestion, light colored stool
Erectile Dysfunction and Ejaculation Problems

These can be symptoms of underlying problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and infertility.

Physical problems

Undescended testis or dislocated urethral opening can be regarded as symptoms of infertility in men.


It is recommended to seek immediate medical help if there are frequent infections in the reproductive system. Infections can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, weak immune system, injuries or post surgery complications. Following physical conditions resulting from an infection can be symptoms of infertility.

Blisters or sores in genital area
Swollen testes or pain in genital area
Changes in semen color
Burning sensation while urinating, discolored urine
Itching or discomfort in genital area
Discharge or unusual smell from penis
High temperature